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Continental Commercial

Washers and Dryers


ExpressWash Washer-Extractor

Featuring a freestanding design and extract speeds reaching 300 G-Force, ExpressWash Washers are simple to install, highly efficient and offer the customer-carved ProfitPlus™ Control. These vended washers remove more water from every load, which cuts dry time and natural gas usage–allowing customers to complete laundry in less than 60 minutes! ExpressWash Washers cut overhead costs and bolster profit potential! The ProfitPlus Control is highly programmable and allows the customer to add an EXTRA WASH, EXTRA RINSE and/or DELICATE CYCLE. Backed by a limited 10/4/3-year ContinentalCare™ Warranty. Energy Star qualified.


E-Series Dryers

E-Series Dryers are single-pocket, 25-pound capacity dryers delivering efficiency, ease of use and a quick dry. They are great small-load solutions for vended laundries, and available in gas or electric models. Backed by a limited 3-year ContinentalCare™ Warranty.



Washers and Dryers

The Continental Econ-O-Wash series of washers and dryers offers a easy to use washer and dryer with reliable performance. Their washers have an integrated automatic balance system which can re-stabilize the machine if needed. The Econ-O-Wash washers also only utilize 27.3 gallons of water per load. The dryers feature a robust cylinder and easy to service platform combined with flexible fabric control for your residents. The Continental Econ-O-Wash platform offers a affordable and reliable platform for your residents to do laundry!


Want to Learn More?

All of the Continental machines we offer can be a great addition to your laundry room. If you would like to learn more information about how LG machines can make your laundry room better, give us a call today!

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