The Laundry Shop Multifamily Values

Let us tell you about who we are and how we serve Multifamily housing

What Defines Our Laundry Philosophy?

We set ourselves apart from the competition by being focused on the customer and providing the highest level of customer service. We do this by refining our internal processes and using technology to aid our clientele. Unlike many competitors, we seek to set the standard for customer service, reliability and excellence in our approach to making laundry simpler. We are also looking to change the way people view our business by introducing laundry as an experience rather than just a chore.

What Do We Value in Laundry?

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Problem Solving

Every new laundry room is unique and you need solutions custom tailored to your environment. Let us help you solve your laundry challenges as our team has a great deal of experience in solving multifamily laundry challenges.

We want to hear from you. We are happy to host customer focus groups and conduct research to find out how to better serve out customers.​


Superior Support


You need prompt service and we here at The Laundry Shop are dedicated to providing the highest quality support for your machines. We understand that your time is valuable and that you want prompt service. We are able to achieve these goals due to our experience with service in the field.

We offer convenience in conjunction with prompt support. Want to talk to a real person? No problem, just give us a call. Is it after hours? Do you need to file a service request on the go? Not a problem either, we offer the ability to complete service requests online. 

The follow-up service should not take place in a void, if you have a service request you should be satisfied that the job is handled and your machines will be up and running as soon as possible. To learn more, give us a call!


Innovative Service Practices

We understand that superior service requires innovative solutions. We are constantly working to improve our practices and listening to feedback to meet the demands of a fast paced industry.

Our internal service practices allow us to keep a close eye on when requests arrive, how calls are routed and how we can best serve the customer. To do so, we employ a number of different internal processes to best support our residents.

Need More Information?

Have other questions about our company? Want to learn more about our services and how we make laundry better? Press that button below to learn more!

Our Corporate Story

The Laundry Shop was started over ten years ago as a one man operation with the idea that somehow “Service” had started disappearing in the laundry business.  Since then we have entered every segment of the laundry distribution industry and have operations in ten states as well as Mexico, Chile and the Caribbean.  We are proud of our growth and dedicate it completely to the relationships we have built with our loyal customers. 


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Our Multifamily Division

The multifamily side of our business specializes in helping you with the unique challenges and opportunities associated with route operated laundry. Our team has many decades of combined experience with proving top-teir laundry service to customers. We know the challenges and opportunities in this industry and we want to help make your laundry experiences better.

Who Else Do We Serve?

The Laundry Shop specializes in a wide variety of industries and services. If you would like more information about our other industries served, parts sales, as well as our Vended Industries, click the button below.

Multifamily Industry Partners


The Laundry Shop works with a number of leaders in the multifamily industry to best serve your needs. Here are some of our partners:

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